I believe that our travels make us stronger, more open minded, and independent. With more than sixty countries visited around the world I believe that I have a well rounded idea of the world (or at least I think so), places, cuisines, and people.

Since I was a little girl I spent a lot of time looking at globes, maps, and watching the Travel Channel. I was the kid playing the Amazon Trail til the wee hours of the morning in hopes that I wouldn’t die of the plague. I  devoured myself in watching Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel just to imagine what it would be like to have the platform of talking about places you get to visit. My first hope of travel was when I was studying a globe at my house as a young girl and my eyes wandered across the Atlantic Ocean to unknown countries in Europe that I had never heard of.What on earth was this continent, I thought.  I remember thinking to myself, but I’m not from Italy or France..so I cannot go there. Without a passport yet I continued to dream of visiting the world, knowing people from different countries, eating all different kinds of foods, and filling up my passport with tons of stamps.

Santorini, Greece

Travel for me has always been based on my own curiosity. Most of my wanderings have been explored solo, which is my personal preference to seeing the world. In university I sat at the back of the classroom in my world geography class completely engaged in studying the map of Oceania as my professor taught us about the Great Barrier Reef. Fast forward eight years later and I found myself on a speed boat jetting off from Cairns onto a two hour journey to reach a platform in the warm seas to reach the Great Barrier Reef for an afternoon of snorkeling and viewing the ocean floor from a submarine.

Isle of Pines, New Caledonia

My love for traveling solo to new places has opened my mind to the possibilities of living an unimaginable life. For example I can vividly recall canoeing along the Zambezi River and watching a family of elephants play along the river bank. It is experiences such as these that have added to the quality of my life lived. It is immeasurable.

Exploring the world doesn’t make us better than others.In fact, it just gives us a beautiful gift of becoming more open minded to the possibilities of different ways of living and seeing life from a different angle. Being well traveled and visiting more than forty countries has given me the authority to talk about the destinations I’ve been to and share them with you.

Chuseok holiday in Seoul 2016

I hope that my posts encourage the traveler to see more of the world. Or maybe you are reading this because you’ve never left your country but wish you had the courage to. You have certainly come to the right place and I hope that my words inspire you to live your best life and take the first step to your first trip abroad. Please come along on this journey with me as I share my personal travel tales, experiences abroad, my love for people, places, and food. Sharing my experiences about travel means everything to me.

Inari Fushimi, Kyoto (Japan)